A story of a complete trading newbie becoming a WTC winner

I’m Emir, I live in Turkey, and up until December 2022, trading wasn’t even one of my hobbies. So I consider the story of how I became a Binomo trader a pretty funny one. And my friend Selim keeps telling me that I owe him a fee or at least a cup of coffee for his meddling, but I’m politely declining. Maybe one day, once I’m the ultimate winner of another championship!

But let me tell you this story from the beginning. It all started in the last days of November when Selim introduced me to the trading world. He kept showing me his cool new watch, telling me he bought them with his profit from trading. I told him, “I don’t need a new watch, Selim, it’s 2022, people use phones to tell time”. But he was very persistent and told me that “I must have an eye” for trading. His enthusiasm was catching, so I decided to give it a try.

I registered on Binomo, having a vague idea of how people trade. It felt like stepping into a whole new world with its own language and rules. I practiced for about a week, and then the WTC began. Selim explained how it works and told me to sign up for both mechanics — 50 Daily and all the Sprints — since it’s free, and I don’t lose anything. 

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After a while, it got interesting: I was trading every day and making a lot of progress. I spent hours watching tutorials, reading articles, and practicing on the demo account. Even though I wasn’t aiming to win the championship, I set personal goals for myself. I wanted to improve my trading skills and gain experience. It wasn’t about the prize money; it was about the journey.

Fast forward to the end of the WTC, and I had achieved something I never thought possible. I became one of the 100 winners! It might not have been a grand victory, but it became a significant milestone for me! Now, when the Trading Journey is coming up, I’m determined to break my own record! 

As for Selim, he takes credit for introducing me to trading. But the fee or cup of coffee he jokingly asks for will have to wait until I fulfill my dreams of becoming a successful trader.

And hey, speaking of trading, here’s a little trading joke for you:

Why did the trader bring a ladder to the market?

Because they heard the chart was going up!

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