😎 Meet the multi-window mode

We are happy to announce a long-awaited update on the Binomo web version. From now on, you have the multi-window mode.

The multi-window mode allows you to trade two assets simultaneously without switching between the tabs. You can apply different settings for each chart window, including chart type, time frame, and indicators. Also, you can make trades on the same asset from two charts.

To turn the multi-window mode on,

— Switch to the new chart version

— Press the Multi-window mode button

— Choose assets you want to trade on

— Enjoy your time!

The multi-window mode has a few limitations. As we’ve noticed, it is available only on the new chart version. Also, making trades on the real account is available to traders with a VIP or higher status.

We know how important it is to track price fluctuations in real-time, especially when you prefer short-term trading. The Binomo team hopes this update will bring you more profit and pleasure from trading!

Let’s try it right now 😎

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