Try 5-Second Trades  — superfast trading mechanics on Binomo!

We are happy to announce adding new trading mechanics to the Binomo platform. It’s called 5-Second Trades (5ST). The mechanic’s specialty is that all the trades have a fixed expiration time  —  5 seconds.

5ST is for traders who prefer short-time trades and aren’t accustomed to waiting long. A new Binomo feature will bring you the brightest positive emotions!

To try new trading mechanics, open the assets drop-down menu, the 5ST tab, choose an asset and make a trade.

For 5ST, the expiration time setting will be turned off because it’s defined automatically  —  the trade is closed in 4 seconds after opening. Trading mechanics has some other specialties:

 —  It’s available on a new chart only, on a Line or Mountain charts

 —  It’s not supported on a demo account  —  if you switch from the real to the demo, 5ST will be replaced by FTT

 —  For now, it has 2 assets available: Crypto IDX, and EUR IDX

5ST appears on the web version of Binomo automatically. To try it on the app, please update it to the latest version.

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