Promotion Ultra, or how to get up to $2,450

It’s Ultra June at the Prestige Club! Everyone who reaches Prestige status will receive priority service with a manager and a chance to win prizes. You can get an additional from $150 to $2,450.

What do you need to do?

  • First, get Prestige status for June

To do this, make deposits totaling $3,000 or more in May. On June 1st, you will be automatically admitted to the Prestige Club and able to participate in the Ultra promotion.

  • Reach goals and get encouraged

Trade and alternately achieve 4 goals by reaching turnovers*. You will receive prizes for completing each goal:

– First goal — reach $30,000 turnover and receive $150 as a no-deposit bonus or Amazon certificate 

– Second goal — reach $55,000 turnover and receive $300 as a no-deposit bonus

– Third goal — reach $110,000 turnover and receive $500 as a no-deposit bonus

– Fourth goal — reach $320,000 turnover and receive $1,500 in real money or as an Amazon certificate 

After reaching each goal, contact the support team by emailing [email protected] or request a prize in the chatbot.

*Trading turnover is the total sum of all trades made since the deposit date

Hurry up to participate in the promotion! In order to become a Prestige Club trader in June, you need to make deposits of $3,000 in May 

Only for India

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Start from $10, earn to $1000
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